Bee pollen is created when the bee itself mixes pollen from a flower with the honey nectar they create to make it easier for them to move around than the loose pollen particles, this mixture of plant power and bee nectar makes for an incredibly healthy superfood!

We wanted to share with you how this tiny little golden nugget of amazingness will benefit you and your overall health. One of the most mind blowing facts we’ve heard is that bee pollen contains almost all of the nutrients required for the human body to thrive- WHAT!


We have included bee pollen into our Longer Lasting ENERGY Superfood Blend because of it’s well known qualities of giving you longer lasting energy, better physical endurance, and energy for a longer period of time, bee pollen can help generally improving mood and mentality.


Comparable to a lot of the benefits of honey, bee pollen is also an antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral agent, it also reduces inflammation, boosts the immune system and lowers cholesterol levels naturally.


Although you would never have guessed – bee pollen includes so many vitamins and minerals that it helps your skin look glowing, dewy and younger by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and stimulating the blood supply across all of your skin cells! For anyone who suffers from acne and age spots, bee pollen is effective in helping reduce redness and appearance of spots!


Some of the enzymes in bee pollen are also known for helping the skin repair after burns, inflammation and any reactions of an allergy or swelling – this really is the “go too” food for all kinds of ailments and issues. Bee pollen has also been found to decrease free radicals present in the human body reducing the process of ageing and risk of disease.


For people who are looking to lose weight, or even sustain and maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, bee pollen can be used to reduce cravings and regulate hormones and help to stabilize a healthy metabolism as well, proving to be beneficial to nourish whilst also helping to prevent poor eating habits.


Bee pollen has incredibly been known to increase the fertility for both men and women and naturally boosting the entire physical ( internal and external) health as well as the mental health in people of all ages relieving migraines and headaches.

We can’t think of much that this superfood DOESN’T DO but all we know is how much we need this ingredient in our system everyday to get the best out of it’s amazing qualities for our optimum health and to keep us going in the long run!

Both our Longer Lasting ENERGY Superfood Blend and our Higher IMMUNITY Superfood Blend include bee pollen as one of the main ingredients, so try out the amazing ingredient today and start to enjoy all the benefits of this truly super superfood!

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